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Monday, June 15, 2015

10 Short Bob Hairstyles for Cool Girls

I’m the type who likes change. I constantly want to be kept occupied doing something new and different, same goes for my hair. But I have kept the classic short-medium length bob hairstyle for more than 2 years already. Since I chopped off my long locks in Dec 2012, I’ve never looked back. 

Why? Because cool girls wear bobs. It’s not only a lot easier to manage - think less time spent blowdrying and styling - but also because it gives you a bit of an edge over all your other friends with long, straight hair. Think Anna Wintour, Alexa Chung, Rihanna (she had the asymmetric straight bob for a while), Miroslava Duma and Karlie Kloss, who all now have stuck to the same bob style over the years. In Singapore, I can think of 987FM DJ Sonia Chew and Yesah Designer Linda Hao.

It takes some confidence to wear a bob well. After all, you no longer have long hair to shield your face, and usually a bob (depending on the cut) will serve to emphasise some of your facial features even more. 

Bob Medium hairstyle-6
Jan 2013
So here’s me when I first chopped off my locks. I have had long, wavy hair before this, so the hairstylist straightened out my hair and then cut them to shoulder length. In a way it’s not a bob, but because it was the first time I was going short, I wanted to give myself a bit of leeway just in case I didn’t like having short hair. 

Bob Medium hairstyle-5
May 2013
And then, I went all short as in almost pixie cut short. I had this style cut in Jakarta - I literally just walked into a random salon, pointed to a reference photo and told them to cut it. Now thinking back, I was really quite young and reckless - the older me would never dare to let someone whom I can’t trust cut my hair. 

Bob Medium hairstyle-12
Dec 2013
The pixie cut grew out when I was in London and I went into a Toni & Guy Training Academy there and had them color it for me for free. I went from black into a ombre copper brown.

Bob Medium hairstyle-7
Apr 2014
And then in early 2014, I met Avan, my stylist whom I now cannot live without. He was the one who created the bob cut for me. The first style I went for was a classic bob style a la Kiko Mizuhara - the ends were curled in with a “one-curl rebonding” - which made it really easy to style my hair at home. All I have to do was to blow dry the roots first, then the rest of the hair, while curling the ends inwards using my fingers and the curl would stay. I went violet red with this style after a few months.

Bob Medium hairstyle-11
June 2015
As my hair grew out a bit more, I kept a chin-length bob which I think would probably remain as my classic style for the rest of my life. (Or not, till I get bored of it.) I went from violet red to honey-brown with copper brown highlights interspersed. 

Bob Medium hairstyle-3
Oct 2015
I also tried a wavy bob through a digital perm. 

Bob Medium hairstyle-8 Bob Medium hairstyle-1 Bob Medium hairstyle-4 I changed my color slightly each time I visited Avan but generally stuck to the same color family - Dark chestnut brown, light honey brown, dark red, violet etc. Generally, Avan gives me highlights each time to really show off the color and add layers to the hair, especially in sunlight. I've gotten compliments from people each time with the color and cut, so I pretty much trust Avan and Selyn (who usually handles my coloring) for anything. 

Bob Medium hairstyle-10I keep my hair healthy after so many chemical treatments by religiously applying hair oil every night. I use Morrocan Oil, which I apply on damp hair and then blow dry. It keeps my hair smooth and shiny on a day-to-day basis. On top of that, I also visit Pro Trim regularly for Japanese Mukota Treatments, which works wonders when you have dry, frizzy and tangled hair. And also, Kerastase Scalp Treatment to restore the health of our scalp, to ensure healthy hair regrowth. 

I'm sharing my stylist with you! If you'd like Avan to handle your hair, simply drop by Pro Trim Hair Salon at 313@Somerset, or call at 6238 7027. Quote my name and receive 20% off any hair services. 


  1. These bobs are amazing! I`m about to cut my long hair. Being a mom of two little baby-girls, it`s so hard to take care of it. I want to choose a bob haircut from here .

  2. Wow that is so pretty and amazing; such a nice look i have already long bob but not that types of shade :( see here
    some of bob cut that mine choice.

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