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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Working a maxi skirt

Zalora Strappy Heels

Weekends post-brunch in this beautiful neighborhood can't help but have me lament in envy about the convenience of having stellar F&B outlets just down your house.

I've always been attracted towards clothes with movement, as I feel that they imbue ladies with a kind of sensuality as it sashays together with your walk. A maxi skirt such as this one from Flo & Ko is one such great example, with its multiple asymmetric layers of chiffon that looks lovely with a little wind.
  FLOKO x nakedgloryvera-8FLOKO x nakedgloryvera 3 FLOKO x nakedgloryvera-10
What does it take to wear a maxi skirt actually?

  1. It helps if you're tall. But for those who are not so blessed in the height department, just style it with a crop top! It helps to make your torso slightly shorter and your legs longer. 
  2. Pair it with a nice belt. It can definitely be a leather belt (but no traditional thick men's style kind please), if it's too long, you can just knot it!
  3. Walk, no sashay, with it down your neighborhood!

Now, watch me move.

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