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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Home Spa DIY with Spa Ceylon

Spa Ceylon Sleep Therapy-1 Spa Ceylon Sleep Therapy-9 Spa Ceylon Sleep Therapy-5 Spa Ceylon Sleep Therapy-10 Sleep.

I guess that's the one thing that most Singaporeans or people living in cities lack. I recently got introduced to Spa Ceylon's signature Sleep Therapy range, which is designed to give you a night of deep, restful sleep. The entire range comes in the form of Bath & Shower Gel, Massage Oil, Hand and Body Milk, Body Soak (bath salts), Body & Pillow Mist and a Body Soap.

I never had any problems falling asleep, but I do have problems getting enough sleep, or rather quality sleep. So here are the steps towards getting quality, dreamless sleep:
  1. Wash down the body with the Bath & Shower Gel, which lets off a faint scent of Lavender and Ylang Ylang in the bathroom, while the citrusy essential oils lifts the spirits. 
  2. Let out the running water and added a generous scoop of the Body Soak bath salt into the bath and just, relax. 
  3. After bath, just gently massage a few drops of the Massage Oil on tense parts of the body such as the shoulders, followed by Body Lotion on the dry parts (for me it was my calves). 
  4. A spray of Body & Pillow Mist onto the pillow and I was immediately lured to sleep.
Spa Ceylon Sleep Therapy-6 Spa Ceylon Sleep Therapy-7 Spa Ceylon Sleep Therapy-3 Being the proponent of all-natural beauty skincare and bodycare products, I have looked through the ingredient list and can really vouch that its products are made from 100% vegetarian - No alcohol, No parraffins and parabens - plus it works with Sri Lankan farmers and workers to extract the essential oils from the products they manufacture.

Other than the Sleep Therapy range, Spa Ceylon also carries a whole other range of body, face and haircare products - all naturally derived and organized by dosha, a Sri Lankan term for your body type. I can picture myself visiting the shop again soon to grab some Sandalwood candles for home.


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