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Monday, November 24, 2014

Workwear for Office Ladies

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There are some days when you just want to dress down in neutrals, or rather be dressed "Office Lady" style. So many times I have observed women during the morning rush hour in pencil skirts, peplum tops, body skimming shift dresses, and I can't help but think if they were stuffy in those uptight dresses and towering platform heels. Or do they even feel comfortable in it at all? Why not go for something that offers more movement, yet projects quiet confidence like this midi pleat skirt from Shop at Velvet?

I paired the skirt with an equally neutral beige pleat blouse. With beautiful pleats and ruffles at its hem, cap sleeves and a boat neck, I think this blouse simply exudes feminine elegance. Never stuff yourself in something you can't even move properly in, or a skirt that keeps riding up when you sit or walk. You'd just feel uncomfortable and self-conscious the whole day, and trust me, people would notice.

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