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Friday, May 30, 2014

Ginza Calla IPL Review

Body hair has always been an issue with me - I used to get teased about from primary all the way to secondary school about the long hair that I had on my arms and legs. That's about 7 years of humiliation in my childhood memory! It was only in my junior college years (when I was 18) that my mum decided to bring me for an unlimited IPL treatment on my arms and legs. It was a huge investment at that time, but I really thankful that we did it because I really felt more comfortable in my own skin after smooth, hairless skin was revealed.

Needless to say, I haven't tried IPL again since then, but the problem areas such as the bikini line and armpit area was still a constant source of worry, so much so that I stopped going swimming. I got my first IPL treatment again in my bikini area and armpit at the newly opened Ginza Calla hair removal specialist. Ginza Calla is an established Japanese hair removal specialist with 35 stores spanning across Japan, Shanghai and Hong Kong, so you can be rest assured that you're in good hands.

Upon entering the salon, I was treated to hot tea by the cutest Japanese lady whom spoke mostly only Japanese but was so sweet with her smiles and constant bowing! My consultant and therapist, Lynn Lita, then walked me through the technicalities of the hair growth cycle, and the specific process of the IPL treatment which I'll be undergoing.

Ginza Calla IPL service - 1 Ginza Calla IPL service - 3

The Process and Differences
The usual procedures followed - changing into a robe and then the shaving began, using an electric razor. Lynn was really kind - she kept going "Tell me if it hurts, dear." and "Is this OK for you?" to ensure that the shaving was kept gentle on the sensitive bikini area. In my prior IPL experiences, after shaving was done, a cooling gel would be applied and I would be given shades to wear before the IPL begins.

However, at Ginza Calla, they paid special attention to the care of my skin -
Ginza Calla IPL service - 4
  1. A high-pressured jet spray was used before application of the cooling gel. The spray ensures that Bihada-junbi, Ginza Calla's specially developed inhouse moisturizing lotion is delivering to the deeper layers of the skin to ensure penetration into the pores.
  2. After the IPL shots were administered, the cooling gel was removed and Bihada-junbi lotion was applied generously again to soothe and moisturize the slightly irritated bikini area. 
I was also told that their IPL machines are developed inhouse and shipped from Japan. The machines ensure that 5 pules of light was given with each shot of IPL, compared to only 3 for other salons, hence making the treatment more effective.

What I really liked about them was their attentive service and a genuine care for their customers! During the treatment, Lynn did mention to me about their promotion packages, but she did not try to hardsell me at all after the treatment. This is because Ginza Calla practices a policy of no hardselling, instead relying on the efficacy of their treatments and ease of booking appointments to bring in customers. I felt really comfortable and well taken care of throughout my entire time at the salon.

However, please note that 1 session of IPL is not enough to ensure the removal of hair! You would need about 9-12 sessions in total spread over a longer period of time adjusted to your hair growth cycle in order have finer hair each time, before the hair gets so fine that they can't be seen unless under close observation.

Ginza Calla IPL Lotion (1 of 2) Ginza Calla IPL Lotion (2 of 2) Ginza Calla IPL Lotion - 3 Here's the Bihada-junbi moisturizing lotion! Its primary ingredient is actually water, with added hyaluronic acid which retains moisture. The gel-based lotion absorbs quickly into my skin and is non-sticky, making it suitable for my oily t-zone. I have just started using it and can't comment on the efficacy yet though.

Opening Promotions
Get 3 sessions of lower arm and lower leg removal at just $40 (RRP $800) till 30 June 2014, or
Get unlimited sessions of underarm or bikini line at just $40!

Other hair removal courses are also offering up to 35% discount - which is a HUGE steal if you ask me, because when I did my full arm and full leg treatment years ago, it was about $7.5k! 

Ginza Calla is located at Plaza Singapura New Wing #04-55. Tel 6238 8850

Disclosure: Vera was invited to Ginza Calla for a media trial; all opinions were kept objective. Apologies on the lack of photos during the IPL process due to sensitivity issues.

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