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Monday, April 14, 2014

A world of rainbows - Tribute to Old MICA Building

MICA Colors-6 MICA Colors-7 MICA Colors-1 MICA Colors-5 MICA Colors-3 MICA Colors-2
Wearing Lace Eyelet Crop Top from Drmers, white linen skirt (vintage), Converse All Star high cut sneakers, IT by Alexa Chung tote bag

The old MICA building located on the junction of Clarke Quay is unmissable for its rainbow window panes that beckons trigger happy tourists and locals alike. I've always wanted to shoot at this building as this is honestly one of my favourite buildings in Singapore - it gives me happy vibes each time I pass by. It was a relaxing day after a date at Neko no Niwa (Singapore's first cat cafe) and some organic goodness at Real Food that I ventured here for a shoot.

I can't help but fall in love with my own hair in these photos as the sun brought out the highlights really well and I'm very happy how my hair naturally falls in place into a bob since my cut from PROTRIM Hair Salon. My stylist, Avan, spent a total of 4 hours on my hair trying to achieve this natural look through soft rebonding. And yes to quote from Alexa Chung, looking effortless actually takes a lot of effort.

Basically, my hair was first trimmed, then had chemicals applied on the ends to break the sulphide bonds in the hair. It makes the hair "springy" or almost elastic. Avan then meticulously used a conventional hair iron to curl my hair inwards into the bob shape, with more volume at the bottom. This is a long and tedious process, as he has to individually section out the hair and curl each section. Chemicals are then reapplied to seal back the bonds in my hair such that the ends now "naturally" curl in.

It's now been over a month since my cut and soft rebonding and my hair is still retaining this shape. I just have to blow dry it in the morning by using a round bristle brush and curling the ends in slightly and I'll be ready to go with 'styled' salon-worthy hair! I would really recommend a visit down to Protrim salon if you want to update your look. The hair stylists there really know their stuff, and they are very professional and patient when it comes to handling each individual's hair. They also have a couple of Korean hairstylists for those of you girls interested in getting those soft, big Korean waves in your hair! That, coupled with really reasonable prices, and you have my hidden secret to great hair!

Check out Protrim Hair Salon's Facebook page for more updates :)

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