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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Visit to Boticca

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I have managed to get in touch with Boticca, an online based luxury bazaar of fashion accessories, during my stay in London. I have been keeping tabs on Boticca since I heard its founder, Avid, speak about it 2 years ago at Asia Fashion Summit 2011. I really liked the concept of giving emerging designers in sometimes farflung parts of the world the chance to showcase their excellent work.

Boticca has a dedicated team of style hunters who travel the world to discover the best independent designers. This gives designers from even the markets of Morrocco a chance to gain appreciation for their work. Most designers handmade their pieces using fine materials and hence each piece is really unique and limited. Currently, Boticca already stock 330 different brands from over 40 different countries and yes, Singapore is represented as well thanks to the elegant jewels from Choo Yilin. 

Naked Glory x Boticca

I especially loved the collections from [1] Origami Jewelry and [2] ELYONA, a designer based in Korea for her creative use of textures and precious stones. Her knotted gold bracelet with set gemstones and gold/silver dipped lace jewelry particularly stand out from conventional jewelry design. The black pearl bracelet with the head of a gold stag (pictured above) is also striking, yet without being ostentatious. 

The organic designs of [3] Tessa MetCalfe also caught my eye for drawing inspiration from taxidermy. The pigeon talons are crafted with careful attention to detail, giving her designs a sense of realism hardly seen in jewelry. And I cannot help but marvel at the intricate sculptural pieces handcrafted by [4] Selda Okutan.

I would recommend you to click around Boticca's site and discover some of the other designers listed on my wishlist. It's like falling into a treasure trove of rarities and it's no wonder that celebs like Cara Deleveigne, Rihanna and BeyoncĂ© have been spotted wearing pieces from Boticca. You can also get in touch directly with the designers to have customized pieces - perfect for special occasions like weddings if you ask me. So now don't tell me you don't know where to find an individual present for a special someone anymore! 

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