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Monday, October 21, 2013

London Fashion Week - Marques Almeida and Lucas Nascimento

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For the final in my LFW series, I wish to talk about Marques Almeida and Lucas Nascimento, both of whom showed at the Topshop New Gen showspace.

Marques Almeida won me over with their casual, relaxed silhouettes, interesting use of frayed denim and their cowhide boots. Denim jeans was worn lowslung on the hips with a bell bottom cut and paired with denim obi belts which was tied in a dramatic knot as a tube top, suggesting that the Marques Almeida girl's carefree and confident attitude. Subsequent uses of denim also took the form of a jacket with a mandarin collar and coated white denim miniskirts worn over denim jeans, which was a nice reinterpretation of Noughties style.

I especially loved the shoes on the models - skinny strap sandals with a chunky heel - the straps looked very elegant despite the fact that the shoes exposed the foot entirely. A look towards the end with the acid pink jacket and organza pants also caught my eye - the fabric was a great injection to the mix of textures for this collection and definitely a headturner for summer.

Now, excuse me while I go fray up some of my old jeans.

lucas nascimento lucas nascimento (2) lucas nascimento iii

Lucas Nascimento is a Brazilian born designer who was trained at LCF, and given the opportunity to present during LFW under the Topshop NewGen programme. His minimal collection this season was inspired by Brigitte Bardot stepping out in a towel in the film ‘Le Mepris’.

Models stepped out on the runway fresh faced with makeup kept to a minimal, dewy skin and slicked back hair, as though they have just came out from the shower. The dresses resembled towels wrapped around the body - shapeless but yet so beautiful in organza and a towel-like fabric. Spaghetti straps fall loosely down the shoulders and even the sharply tailored jackets and shorts were seamless and came without any fastenings - suggesting a state between the dressed and the undressed. 

I am usually not one to take a liking to minimalism, unless if it is applied together with innovative fabrics and textures, or with a exaggerated proportion, which is why I felt slightly underwhelmed after Lucas Nascimento's show. But when I have gone home and digested the runway looks once again, I found myself appreciating how the dresses suggested intimacy and a subtle vulnerability, despite them being completely shapeless.

And that wraps up my LFW show reports - one month after LFW! Hope you've enjoyed my take on the collections and also the 'film-like' (aka ahem low-res) photos which I've snapped using my iPhone.

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