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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Jewels for Breakfast

Jewels for Breakfast P8247111 P8247121 P8247114
Adelia Necklace (silver), Eleanor Necklace (gold) and Taylor Chandelier Earrings from The Accessory Report
Rhinestone Beetle Ring from Untitled Label

I'm not exactly a morning person, but I do enjoy my breakfasts. I think it is the most important meal of the day and I usually eat more than half of my daily food intake during breakfast, usually bread with cheese and ham, blueberry banana oatmeal crisp, paired with fruits and my never-ending ways of discovering how to cook an egg.

And finally, a small piece of dark chocolate to top it off. Yes, indulge in the morning, not at night.

Dressing for school or work then begins with me a key piece from my wardrobe to build the outfit around - it can be a shirt, a blazer or even these necklaces that I'm currently obsessing over from The Accessory Report. I love the Adelia Necklace for its simplicity and it can really go off well with almost any outfit. I usually throw it on top of a black turtleneck crop top, or a white lace dress and I'm good to go!

I prefer to wear the Eleanor Necklace with crisp white shirts or some elements of grunge like a loose-fitting black tshirt, as it is dressier. One of my rule for dressing is to dress up but always keep it simple. Do not throw way too fitting items together - eg. Eleanor Necklace + Black shift dress + Kitten heels = BORING and uptight. But Eleanor Necklace + Black Shift Dress + Leather Jacket + Sneakers immediately makes the outfit much more interesting to look at. I like contrast in that way.

The Accessory Report is also stocks a great selection of other accessories like earrings, cuffs and bracelets, and bags. It is currently having a giveaway on their Facebook page - so hurry and join in the good fun!

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