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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Les Filles des Fleurs - A DIY Floral Crown Party

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A long weekend calls for a picnic and some green fingers. I gathered my best girl friends over the recent 4-day long weekend for a wonderful get-together over simple food, flowers and some craft to make our own DIY floral crowns.

The result was a wonderful girly afternoon spent listening to some indie folk music, sniping off blooms and then gathering then into small bundles to be made into a glorified crown that attracted the attention of all passer-bys at the Botanic Gardens.

Floral crowns are heavily marked up in the market - they usually go for at least $35 and above for a simple crown of fresh flowers - which I find rather ridiculous. The truth is, with a bit of time, you can get these DIY'ed for just less than $5 per crown.

DIY floral crown ii P8086985 1097165_10153067094810401_353659891_o Photo 9-8-13 6 29 12 PM

Materials Needed:
  • Thick malleable craft wire - Daiso, $2
  • Floral Tape - Artfriend, $2.20
  • Floral Wire - Artfriend, about $3
  • Loose flowers with stem cut off, and some others with stem - Wet market, $11 for everything
  • Sharp scissors
  • Pliers (to cut the craft wire)
  1. Measure the thick craft wire to the circumference of your head, with a bit of excess. Snip off the length and then bend and create two hooks to hook the wires together. 
  2. Start creating small bundles of flowers however you wish, by sniping the flowers off with about 3" stem attached, and then securing the bundles together with floral tapes.
  3. Make 10 - 12 bundles of flowers or however as deem fit. Thicker bundles will result in your crown looking thicker.
  4. Secure the bundles of flowers onto the thick craft wire with the thin floral wire, with the flowers facing all in one direction
  5. You're done! Take lots of pretty photos now :)
Note: You can buy bigger blooms such as dahlias, garden roses or even peonies to make the crown look much bigger and thicker. It is also necessary buy small blooms such as forget me nots and baby's breath, or smaller flower buds to supplement the bigger blooms.

For a more comprehensive tutorial, please refer to the one I used from Design Sponge. Enjoy!


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