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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Styling Short Hair - TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe Classic

IMG_4087_edit IMG_4077 T&G Classic look IMG_4091 IMG_4151 IMG_4122 IMG_4115
Wearing American Apparel Long Sleeve Crop Top, OwnMuse Highwaist Maxi Skirt, Dorothy Perkins Hydrangea Print Court Heels, Mint Jewel Necklace c/o Curated Editions
Photos by Gwen Janelle
A lone girl crossing a deserted street with a purpose. She's exploring, searching, playful yet cautious of her surroundings. Where are these people on a hot Sunday afternoon? Maybe they're strolling along the corridors of air-conditioned malls, and come Monday, they'll all be back to pound these streets again.
What is a classic hairstyle? To me, that is something that will never go out of trend and is able compliment almost everyone. For long hair, that's easy - braids, chignons, top knots, bouffant/beehive and ponytails come into mind. But for short hair, not so easy. After all, there are very limited things you can do with short hair.

For this second installation of  TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe, I'm giving you my own interpretation of classic - center parted hair with side twist braids and lots of volume. 

I paired this look with a elegant, long highwaist maxi skirt from local label OwnMuse that drapes beautifully down the body and even more beautiful when in motion. The long silhouette is complemented with a tight cropped longsleeves top and feminine accessories - light mint jewel necklace and ear studs with hydrangea print court heels.

Here's how to get this look: 
TONI&GUY Classic Look
Tools of the Trade (in order of sequence):
1. Prep - Volume Plumping Mousse
2. Classic - Medium Hold Hairspray
3. Classic - Shine Gloss Serum

  1. Same as last week's tutorial, to damp hair, apply Volume Plumping Mousse liberally to your roots to prepare your hair for volume and hold later on. 
  2. Apply Medium Hold Hairspray to the inner layers of your hair, then immediately backcomb the hair after each spray. This helps to create volume faster than just backcombing and then applying hairspray after. Backcomb until you obtain your desired volume. 
  3. Make a center parting, then grab a small section of your hair and twist it away from your face. Secure it down with two bobby pins. 
  4. Do the same for the other side.
  5. Add some Shine Gloss Serum, concentrating on the ends of your hair, but also throughout your hair.
  6. Finally, using your fingers, scrunch up portions of your hair to 'fluff' it up further, and set the look again with Medium Hold Hairspray
This look is great even for those of you with long hair - you just have to make the side twist braid longer towards the middle of your crown.

What is your interpretation of a classic hairstyle?

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  1. These photos are amazing! You look fabulous. I love the long skirt

  2. Very nice blog, lovely! I am already following you on Bloglivin, hope you will do the same!! kisses

  3. The long flowy skirt caught my eye! And you're looking good in the outfit :)



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