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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Magpie's Collection

Alive & Live necklaces

Recently I have been getting into shiny objects like a magpie. I collect them, I hoard them and I start parading them around. When I first started getting interested in fashion, it was always about finding the cheapest substitute for that look that I saw from this season's latest style trend report from, or window shopping at Zara, and then frantically finding a similar dress at a fraction of the retail price online. But now as I read more and more about the industry, and also learnt more about couture, I begin to appreciate the beauty of workmanship in a piece more. I can't afford designer ware, but at least I will stop buying poorly made clothes with loose threads and cheap fabric, to save more money to buy that one piece which would probably last me much longer.

I almost neglected my accessories collection - this includes jewelry, bags and shoes.

However, I've started to realize just how important accessories are to an outfit. The small details not only complete your whole look, they personalize it. You and the girl next door can be wearing the similar looking little black dresses, but if you have a beautiful necklace centerpiece, it immediately makes your outfit more interesting and it adds a dash of color to an otherwise plain palette.

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Alive & Live is just one store to realize this. Its founder, Audrey, is all about the details, as evident by her themed booths at each flea market that she participates in. When I met her at the Public Garden flea market, she had a carnival theme going on, complete with red and white striped tablecloth, a complete carnival stall booth with wood planks and a chalk headboard with "Alive & Live" drawn on it. Necklaces and other accessories were carefully displayed on faux grass and in vintage-treated wood boxes.

I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through the beautiful bling stocked at her online store and I can say that the quality of these pieces is really good at these price points. Aside from jewelry, Alive & Live also carries quirky stationery, disposable cameras and home & living products.

I hope this has inspired you to take more attention to using accessories to complete your look, and even to 'revamp' an old t-shirt!

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