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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beauty Emporium - Talking Beauty & Blogging with Poppy D, WIWT

Spa Esprit 1
I was invited to join Poppy Dinsey, founder of website, at the Spa Esprit VIP Event two weeks ago and I must say it was one of my best days ever spent. Poppy D is the lady boss behind the movement #wiwt, or rather, What I Wore Today, and I find it pretty inspiring how she has turned her fashion blog into a business. Poppy was extremely warm and down-to-earth despite being accomplished in her own right.

I enjoyed the interiors of Spa Esprit's Beauty Emporium immensely the moment I stepped in. I was first greeted by their beauty bar, decorated like an ice-cream parlour, with its front giant glass chiller full of delicious-smelling organic beauty products (because they were sans-preservatives!). There was a mini florist station full of exotic fresh flowers to the left and then I came across their tea area, where Poppy and her friend Katie, and some of the other bloggers were already seated. We were treated to dainty teacakes, courtesy of House - I especially enjoyed the strawberry chocolate sponge cake - it was really moist and carried just the right amount of sweetness!

I had the privilege of doing a full Brazilian waxing. It wasn't my first time waxing everything off, but I have to say there is a huge difference between what my Spa Esprit therapist did compared to my waxing experiences at other places! Of course it had still hurt a little, but my therapist was very quick and firm and greatly minimized the pain. The best thing was, she gently plucked out some of the more stubborn hairs and ingrown hairs after she waxed my labial area - so the result was really baby-smooth skin!

I then had my first experience with aromatherapy, where I learnt about the different properties of essential oils and how to create my very own custom scented shower gel! It wasn't easy smelling more than 20 different essential oils and trying to determine which three I would like best - but I managed to pick Orange for its fresh citrus scent, Geranium for its gentle sweetness and Melaleuca (extract of Tea Tree) to help my back-acne! Did you know - smelling coffee beans help keep the strong smells of the essential oils from getting to your head!

There's something beautiful about creating beauty products with your own two hands. It is a craft in its own right as I carefully dropped my selected essential oils into a beaker, taking care to bring out the top and base notes through different concentrations, then swirled them together to create my own scent. I should definitely learn more about aromatherapy in the future.

Photo 7-3-13 4 10 34 PM (1) Spa Esprit 2
We were then brought to House's tea party buffet for some really heavenly but ultimately sinful desserts! Yes, they had savoury stuff too such as mini skinny truffles pizza, mini hamburgers and hotdog buns, spring rolls, deviled eggs, smoked duck skinny pizza...but I obviously focused on the desserts.

I tried everything. Yes, literally all of the dainty goodies on display, and had seconds and even thirds of some. I would greatly recommend the passionfruit panna cotta, strawberry chocolate sponge cake, lemon pistachio cake, chai chocolate cake, matcha grapefruit custard tart and macarons. 

Spa Esprit 3 Photo 8-3-13 10 33 51 AM
And here's my proud end-product - Naked Glory's SMELL GOOD NAKED shower gel!

If you need a midweek getaway or just a day full of pampering, I would really recommend you to bring your girlfriends to Beauty Emporium for head-to-toe body treatments - facials, massages, mani/pedi, waxing, name it they have it. They also allow you to customize your own shower gel as well at just $35. I can't think of a more thoughtful and personal gift for a loved one!
What I really appreciate is their adherence to quality of services and also well thought out attention to details in their interior decor. Stepping into Beauty Emporium felt like stepping into a holiday home - the floorlength glass windows threw light into the House, the space was both contemporary with its wood paneled walls and countertops, as well as slightly retro with vintage armchairs. I am definitely looking forward to my next visit.

Note: All photos here are completely shot and edited on iPhone.

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