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Monday, March 11, 2013

I Walk Upon Planks

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Wearing silver thread cardigan thrifted from Paris, Chiffon white blouse from Thimble, Dark Grey Paperbag pants from Zara tied with a sash, Heels from Pazzion, Jungle bib necklace from Topshop
Cardigan and Pants are for sale on Fashfix here.

I met up with Vivien, the young and super friendly founder behind Fashfix to shoot a series of 5 looks, which will all include numerous items from my wardrobe being put up on sale on Fashfix. Vivien previously graduated from Hong Kong with a Law degree but has now courageously taken the plunge to launch Fashfix, which is an online selling community. Previously I used to rely on Livejournal communities to sell my preloved clothing, but now that sales have really died down, I have not found a better substitute.

Fashfix enhances the shopping experience by organizing the items put up by users for sales into different categories with eye-pleasing photo displays and descriptions of each garment. Posting an item for sale is free, and Fashfix takes just a $1 cut from each sale you make. As mentioned in my last post, I really like browsing through other people's unwanted clothing to recycle clothes - you can be sure to find some high street brands in good condition at super low prices!

I have only worn the Zara pants about 5 times, because they are too big for me and kept slipping down my waist. They are extremely comfortable to wear and made from a suede treated cotton fabric. As for the cardigan, it's thrifted from Paris and I have only brought it out to see the light once. Please do purchase these babies - they deserve better homes.

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