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Friday, February 1, 2013

In Talks With Gloria Marigo, Photographer

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My conversations with amazing fashion photographers continues with Italian photographer, Gloria Marigo, who currently lives in Lecco. With a distinctive soft and dreamy photographic style, Gloria's work has caught the eye of Frankie Magazine, Zeum Magazine and even Vogue Italia. I like how her subjects are shot without pretense or much posing, and the mystery in some of her photos.

Naked Glory: How long have you been shooting?
Gloria Marigo: Four and a half years, almost five.

NG: Which cameras do you use? Do you prefer analogue to digital?
GM: I use a Canon EOS 450D, Fuji Instax Wide, Polaroid Spectra and a lot of disposable cameras. Lately I've been doing some tests with a pinhole camera. Soon I want to buy a new polaroid. There are two fascinating worlds and I like a lot, but in this time, I much prefer the analogue. It goes perfectly with what my style.

NG: How did you first get interested in photography? 
GM: I've always been interested in art in general, so, the photograph was included in my passions, along with the painting. But after receiving my first compact camera, my passion grew and I started inquiring about, looking for famous photographers, learn their stories and their pictures.

NG:What do you get inspired by when you shoot a series? Do you already have specific concepts in mind? 
GM: Anything can inspire my shooting. It's a movie, a poem, a style. Once you have chosen the concept, I create moodboards and also inspire me. My last editorial, Citizen! was inspired by a song :)

NG: A lot of your self portraits hides your face. Is there any reason why? 
GM: I love mystery and I do not like to be photographed (I'm not photogenic at all), hence why my face is almost always hidden.

NG: What techniques do you use to achieve that perfect soft, dreamy effect in your photos?
GM: My two main allies, are the natural light and exposure. Natural light, especially early in the morning, already tends to muffle all, if you add a specific exposure adjustment, you are able to accentuate more. For what is the color, it's a game of levels with Photoshop.

NG: Finally, what do you dream about? 
GM: Be happy and satisfied with myself.

You can check out more of Gloria's work at her site, and do support her at her print shop

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