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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oh I've got a Fast Car


The school term is coming to an end soon in just less than a month's time. But this also meant that exams are approaching in less than 3 weeks' time. Which sucks. This translates into Vera sitting down at her table studying everyday.

Reminiscing yet another party over the F1 weekend that happened 2 months ago...We were invited to the Ritz-Carlton Podium Lounge, where the Willow & Huxley runway show was held. Finally here's a photo of the two true friends that I've made through fashion events - Kristie and Haikel. I'm very thankful of them being so supportive of the things I do and we talk about a lot of things other than fashion as well. In this 'industry', I've learnt to be weary of the people I meet and divulging too much of who I really am. But when I find people who are genuine and I can relate to, I hold them very close :)

Willow & Huxley is a new multi-label boutique found along Amoy Street that stocks international labels carefully curated for the Singapore climate. I really like Baum Und Pferdgarten, a Danish brand that got the blend of edgy and tailored minimal just right. Nowadays I find myself leaning slightly towards tailored pants - not those skintight skinny pants - but those leaning slightly towards menswear. They look great when paired with a loosefit crisp white shirt. Fashion should always be comfortable and nothing fits better than clothes with great cut and a precision towards detail. I can foresee myself dressing more minimal as my age increase. Maybe it's time for another wardrobe cleansing soon.


  1. Best of luck for your exams, Vera! That runway show looks absolutely stunning. It's unnerving to hear of how it's difficult to find genuine people in the fashion industry that you can trust. I mean, I sort of expected that in such a competitive and cutthroat world, but it's worse when you hear it firsthand from someone who's experiencing. I'll keep in mind to be wary of others and to stay true to myself so as not to get deceived by anyone if I pursue fashion as my career! Lovely post, Vera (:

    Love, Fatima fashionpilgrim
    Twitter: @fashpilgrim
    Instagram: @fashionpilgrim

  2. Hi,

    I actually work at Baum und Pferdgarten in Copenhagen, Denmark. My father lives in Singapore, and I am coming this easter, therefore i started my search of singaporean fashion blogs for tips and go-to's and found your blog. It was so nice to see you mentioning my brand ;)

    Anyhow, I just wanted to say hi. Please keep up the shopping-guides!




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