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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Designer in 3D - Ingri:Dahl


If you have ever felt that the conventional chunky 3D glasses has compromised the quality of your 3D movie viewing experience? Well, Ingri:Dahl is set out on a mission to change that - one good design at a time. Don't be fooled by the chic frames that resembles sunglasses - Ingri:Dahl produces 3D glasses that are compatible with most 3D screens in movie theatres and also 3D television screens. I really like the concept of designer 3D glasses that doubles up as a very chic accessory and took the chance to interview the pair of designers - who also happens to be twins! - Kine and Einy Paulsen. 

Founders Kine and Einy Paulsen
Naked Glory: Tell us how you have founded your company - what was the initial process like?
Ingri:Dahl: The initial process came very naturally to us, we had always wanted to start our business, but didn't have an idea what kind of business it should be. One day while studying in LA we went to the movies to watch a 3D movie - we were immediately fascinated by the 3D effect, but hated the 3D glasses we were given. The conversation started the same night, and like everything else we do, we dove into it 110% and never looked back!
NG: Since both of you have graduated from business school, how do you come up with the ideas or sketches for the designs of your chic 3D glasses?
ID: Fashion has always been a hobby for us, and we have always been extremely inte eyewear. So although we are not trained designers it came very natural to us (oh and thanks goodness for friends and family who helped us!) We find our inspiration in classic Hollywood as well as contemporary designers.

NG: Is it easier being business partners since you guys are twins? 

ID: Most definitely! Being twins enables us to be completely honest with each other without having to worry about becoming enemies (haha!) Also, we usually feel the same way about most things, which means that we can make decisions without consulting the other if there is a time crunch. And it's always a blast to work with your best friend!

NG: What are some of your most popular designs?

ID: Since our customers all have different styles, its hard to point out any styles that are more popular. However, we frequently get feedback from our customers who have bought our designer 3D clip-on. They're ecstatic that they no longer have to wear a pair of 3D glasses on top of their prescription glasses, but can watch 3D in style and comfort.

NG: What is the process of manufacturing like for your 3D glasses? 
ID: The manufacturing process is definitely the longest phase in our product development. Before we started the production of first collection we spend almost a year finding the right supplier. The long list of potential factories was narrowed down on quality, delivery time etc. After we established the production facility we sent over our designs and waited for the first sample. From there it's usually back and forth a few times to ensure that the design and quality are according to our standards.

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