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Saturday, August 4, 2012

And I will try to Fix You

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Wearing Something Else cutout dress from The Editor's Market, Pazzion ankle strap heels, vintage jewelry 
The second of the series of my collaboration with The Editor's Market. See the first one here.
These days have been passing by too quickly until the hours are a blur. The only indication of time seems not to be by the face of the clock, but rather by the position of the sun. It's another two weeks left before school reopens and I know that time will pass by very very quickly because I will be involved in the freshmen orientation camp in August. Looking at the freshmen coming in makes me recall just how I was like last year, a blank sheet of paper, so very excited to have things written on me, to gain new knowledge and make new friends. This year I will be returning as a year 2 senior and somehow I already feel so old.

This dress is very beautiful. Its unique neckline is made from faux tan leather and gives just a bit of edge to the otherwise more feminine hemline. The fabric suggests a sense of fragility, but yet a strong front. I feel very empowered when I'm wearing this dress, and I love that it represents my own duality of character.
This pair of heels was something I scored from Pazzion on sale, I've been complimented numerous times wearing them - once even by a stranger when I was out shopping! I shall not reveal its price, but this pair is seriously a great deal!

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