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Monday, July 30, 2012

Making my own Havaianas

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You know I have a thing against slippers, or flip flops, whatever you call it. To me, they're just lazy footwear that hardly has any design element in it and seeing so many people wear slippers on the streets, or even in town, repulses me. Because slipping on these rubber shoes just makes your whole outfit look sloppy, no matter how well you're dressed. But when Havaianas invited me to make my own Havaianas slippers, my opinion on these footwear changed. Ok, just slightly, but it made me realize that Havaianas is a lifestyle company, instead of being completely a fashion one. And they encapsulate fun and beach - their designs are usually always fresh and loud. 

I had fun picking out the soles, matching it with the wide array of colorful straps, and finally adding pins and embellishments to my slippers. I really wanted the turquoise sole with gold straps, but unfortunately they only have size 40 - 41 in black, gray and sand colors. *Curses my huge feet* So in the end I ended up getting black soles with metallic blue straps, paired with seahorse and dolphin pins. I've worn my own Havaianas out a couple of times and have even received compliments from other people about it! The best thing about these is that the bottom sole is NON-SLIP. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is, having experienced so many pairs of other slippers that has made me slip and fall. 

Me penning down birthday wishes for Havaianas 
Me and my boyfriend, Jason

Coincidentally, me and my boyfriend picked out the exact same color scheme for our slippers. Yes, we got teased for it. But this isn't the first time that we've had this kind of coincidences, because we sometimes fill in each other's words and have had much freakier coincidences happened before.

Thank you Havaianas for this wonderful experience. I will be relying on this pair for years to come.


  1. I have always been wanting to have my own DIY stuff 8D! be it slippers, cloths, dress what not 8D! tumb's up!


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