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Sunday, December 11, 2011

If my heart bleeds

I feel horrible about my almost 2month blogging hiatus. School has just been a whirlwind of projects, assignments, deadlines and exam revision and time as just passed too quickly for me to even grab hold of anything else.

But be rest assured that I was not completely out of touch in fashion. I think that would be impossible because I need to at least look at something fashion related - even for the shortest while - once a day.

I promise that in this one month holiday, I will blog frequently such that I can keep my blog updated even after school has begun again in January. And I would be introducing my new co-blogger soon so do keep a lookout for her (:

My favourite photo of the lot

I love this blouse that I bought from Schwingschwing - it is everything I have ever wanted in a shirt/blouse - the pleats the collar and the amazing sleeves that make it so special. Worn here together with my Topshop chiffon skirt with sequin trimming, boots from Rubi and a bunch of rings from all over the place. And yes I have since dyed my hair DIY brown and permed it with a collateral damage of $290 which was a total ripoff. But I kind of like the way it has turned out now I guess. Though I have intentions to perm it reddish brown soon!

The red walls are actually one of the shophouses just tucked behind Orchard Road, in between Midpoint Orchard and Causeway Point. A rather unlikely place for quaint shop houses since Orchard Road's the shopping mecca of Singapore and only has space for expensive retail outlets. I have passed by the area so many times but I have never ever noticed the line of shophouses and chillout bars behind the shopping malls - you can say it's kind of a hidden gem.

It makes me wonder just how many things in life that I've missed out just because I wasn't being observant enough.

Anyway, one of my good guy friends has decided to get me a Diana mini for a  reason none other than "just because I want to give you a present" when I've just received the heads-up that the new Lomo Singapore store (just opened on 8 Dec) has released the GOLD version of Diana F+, Diana mini and Fish-eye! And it looks so yummy coated in gold!

I'm so excited to be exploring collaboration opportunities with Lomo because I've always been a big fan of film cameras, just that I've been too afraid to venture into film photography because it's a total new ballgame from digital. From selecting the right film to use, to operating everything in manual without the option to check your digital screen to see if the shots turned out right, to leaving everything to natural lighting (no tricks up your sleeve anymore to adjust exposure, colour temperature and ISO) finally publishing the takes a lot of effort and tenacity to carry everything through successfully.

So hopefully with the new Lomo store and my Diana Mini, I'd be able to explore photography further with my friend who's a total proponent of film photography. 

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