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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Turntables Thursday - Cosmic Love

Turntables Thursday will be when I connect two of the biggest things in my life - fashion and music. I will be randomly picking a song which is stuck in my head at the moment and then make the link of it to fashion. It is no secret that music is the one thing that ultimately connects people together - it pulls something deep deep inside the hearts of people and intertwine these intangible projections of your spirits together. Designers frequently draw inspiration from music as well - Florence Welch being the latest darling of Frida Gianini, who designed 12 costumes for her during her tour. She is also always seen in Chanel and Givenchy and I can say she definitely looks the part with her daring, adventurous style, which is like boho flower girl meets rock 'n roll chick. She is so good I have to do a feature on her style really soon.

florence-welch performing

This song inspires me of the nebula and the star galaxy - stones colliding onto each other and giving out bursts of light. Just like how humans collide and fall in love. Naturally, the clothes I would wear for this would be long floaty maxi skirts with nebula prints on its chiffon curtain tails. Star print pussybow blouses. Long palazzo pants of deep marroon, teal, dark green and dusty orange. Organza/silkscreen printed dresses of watercolour brushmarks. Military inspired parka with inkdrops on it. Dried flower crown. Dream-catcher necklaces or feathered ear accessories - yes those long chained ones that creeps up your whole ear.

I can't find all my visuals for those, so the designs will remain in my head for now. Meanwhile, enjoy these:

tumblr_ls9k0xWhT01qm01eno1_500 star galaxy tumblr_ls5i8s7xEI1qflqffo1_500
tumblr_ls91isUc1O1qc9g3no1_500tumblr_ls6xd92IfY1qez69ro1_500 gucci4  


  1. those are some very special pictures :)


  2. ooo i LOVE the cosmic stuff at the moment!! awesome post!


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