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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let's paint all the windmills red


Apologies for not updating my blog for more than nearly 2 weeks, time has gone by like a whirlwind and things are moving so fast. My days are short and packed that I really couldn't find time to do the things I love...Anyway, this is a continuation in my Paris series.

The Sacre-Coeur (Sacred Heart) church at Montmatre may be one of the most famous churches in the world. No, it is probably one of the most famous landmarks.
The interior of the church gives you a feeling of holiness and calmness immediately with its gigantic tinted windows and huge domed ceilings. On the day that I was there, mass was taking place and there were nuns singing hymns. People stood up to join the singing after their prayers. The sound of their angelic voices just blended into the organ and floated up to the the ceiling - the experience was almost heavenly - you get the sense that this is a spiritually connected and supportive community. I guess that's why people seek for a religion.

Even now, re-enacting the vision in my head relaxes and calms me. 


Wearing: Coral cropped tee from H&M, Bell bottoms from Naf Naf, brogues from H&M, thrifted bag.
My uncle took these photos for along the gentle slope of Montmatre streets. I love everything about Parisian streets - from its cobblestone paved roads, beautifully decorated hole-in-the-wall cafes to its street artists selling watercolour paintings or their music. It's like this city is so culturally rich that you can't stop seeing beauty everywhere around you.

I got this pair of light denim highwaisted bell bottoms from Naf Naf at half price and was really happy with the find. I hardly find myself in jeans anymore, since I have discovered that there were so many other things that I could wear and layer up in. I find that jeans kind of take up the whole look because there are only that many things that you can pair with jeans...

Traditional tea brewing
Rainbow coloured smoothies! All natural colours.
There was a small courtyard selling freshly brewed tea and also fresh fruit smoothies just outside Sacre-Coeur. I guess it was the first time that I ever saw tea freshly brewed out traditionally in big brass kettlepots and up from a water pipe instead of the conventional tea served in china teapots. The fruit smoothie was just as amazing - it was all fresh fruits and the result was a thick, smooth, yummy tasting smoothie. One of the best I've had in a long while.

A free public theatre performance
Street artists
This NO PARKING sign painted on the door is an art piece.
Love these mom and pop-ish restaurants selling authentic French cuisine

Art, culture and creativity lies in the heart of the gentle slopes of cobblestone roads along Montmatre. Usually artists would come here to exhibit their works and create new works - they use it as a stepping stone to find art dealers or international buyers. When I was there, one of the art galleries just happened to have a Salvador Dali exhibition, and quite a big one too, featuring various collections of his paintings, sculptures and even his collaboration with a glass sculpturer. Dali was in Montmatre for a period of time as well and like all others, he fell in love with it.

Montmatre is also good for vintage shopping - there are a lot of shops selling antiques, bric a bracs and clothes here. You should also check out Rose Bakery - the rave for that has been exceptional, but too bad on the day I was there I couldn't find a chance to seek it out.


And down Montmatre, you'd come down to Pigalle, where you'd see the famous Moulin Rouge for carabet dance. Mainly tourists come here to pay around 60-70 euros per show where you would see beautiful girls clad in next to nothing, singing and dancing. Sex, hedonism and drinking - maybe this is where you can still find a glimpse of Paris during the 70s.

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