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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Light & Lace come to Play


Stationery from Little Drom Store
Bags made from recycled cloths & racks of retro clothes
Unfinished cake from Kki
It's been a while since I've done an outfit post and frankly I'm pretty much out of inspiration for the past week because I've been wearing the typical student 'uniform' of oversized cotton tees, FBT sports shorts and slippers. Yes, that's what people wear around here.

I'm wearing my UK16 topshop lace insert chiffon shirt that fits me like an oversized batwing shirt, thrifted suede scallop shorts,  lace cardigan from Thescarletroom and espardilles wedges from Rubi. I like how the bottom of the shirt peeks out from under the lace cardigan to offer an interesting layered effect.

The last few photos are taken from Little Drom Store and Kki's cakeshop's combined store front on Ann Siang Hill. I love going to the Little Drom Store just to get inspired from all the indie zines that they stock, as well as vintage polaroid cameras, toys and lifestyle products. It is also a good place to find Australian indie magazine Frankie and Frankie's other 2 publications on afternoon tea desserts (: Little Drom Store shares its store space with Japanese cake shop, Kki, that makes exceptional tasting cakes that tastes as good as it looks. This is one cake shop that can actually rival the desserts found in Paris' boulangeries. Ann Siang Hill is always good for indie stores - other shops you should check out include Wood in the Books - they stock many children's picture books and has a super super cute doggy manning the cashier. And also Stevie's Vintage for true blue vintage clothes from the 1920s onwards.


  1. lovely photos! another blogger recently commented on my blog mentioning that she met you in paris and you lived in Singapore. Decidedto check out your blog (:



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