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Friday, July 29, 2011

Bloggers Wardrobe


It should be apt that my quest to be listed among the top bloggers at should begin with my lucky outfit.
I have worn this outfit to Elle Singapore's Fashion Style Search during one of their events and won the top prize of $250 worth of Pacific Plaza shopping vouchers (which are still lying untouched in its envelope).
I have worn this outfit to Paris Haute Couture Week, where I was photographed by, a famous french style site much like, Glamour Italia, and 2 other streetstyle bloggers.
But this outfit was originally photographed by my girlfriend, Kristie.

I'm actually wearing a leopard dress which I bought in Beijing, together with The Scarlet Room's faux leather skirt and a thrifted chiffon black cape, with my New Look wedges. I love A line dresses because they can easily be converted into both a top or a bottom. You can easy pull a ripped black knit sweater over this leopard print dress to convert it into a miniskirt. Well, a poor fashion-obsessed girl always have her means to creating as much mileage for the clothes in her wardrobe as possible - squeeze out every single penny which you have paid for the dress baby.

BW 2
BW 1

You may not have heard of Bloggers Wardrobe, but that's because they haven't officially launched yet. Another but - they have already gathered the support of the top bloggers in the world, including my fave reads Park & Cube, Lust for Life, The Stylish Wanderer and Froufrouu. Together, this group of power bloggers will be able to work with the top brands in the world to try on clothes, gadgets and other products for free. More than the material, Bloggers Wardrobe will also hold workshops to help fellow bloggers attract more followers and form a strong community of fashion bloggers. It would be the ultimate bridge between bloggers and brands. So when I received an email from Bloggers Wardrobe asking me to join them, it felt extremely surreal (Is this a scam?) to then extremely excited (OMG YES!), to then self-doubt (Whoa me?). Emotional rollercoaster rides are not exactly very fun you know.

I deserve to be part of Bloggers Wardrobe because I am a combination of both East & West fashion pizzazz (born in China raised in Singapore). My superpowers include gold-digging from flea markets and thrift bins for the most fashionable finds, mixing up different styles and whispering intimately to my readers. Oh, and I’m Pneumonia White certified. It’s funny because she sent me an email barely a month into starting her blog saying that she loves my blog. She introduced herself as Anya, a trigger happy girl living in sunny LA, but turns out that she’s an extremely mysterious society girl living in a house her dead grandma left her in Bel Air with a friend called Black who has no fear and a teddy bear called Aloysius that has as much attitude as his name. She narrates about her life and her dreams so well, reading her blog is like reading a mystery thriller novel with 2 extremely fashionable girls caught in the middle of the mystery. Her photography of her outfits is always in grainy black and white, never sharp, always in between, just like her blog. A delicate mixture between reality and fantasy, she makes fashion intriguing again. So good, even John Januzzi of Textbook says you should check her out.

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  1. Don't worry Bloggers Wardrobe is a huge scam. Please google. Pneumonia White sent spam e-mails to everyone in the world who was a fashion blogger or writer.

    See here:


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