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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Paparazzi for Paris Mens Fashion Week

The lack of updates recently is because I have been indulging and immersing myself immensely in Paris culture and arrived home too late and too tired to blog. Mind you - the Paris sun sets only around 10PM here so the day is extremely long, which naturally leads to be wanting to make full use of the daytime. And the result is that I usually reach home at 8PM feeling that it's 5PM Singapore time and then only having dinner at around 11PM. Heh.

But anyway, so far I've spent 3 days in Paris and it's already been pretty awesome. I went to visit Champs-Elysees and L'arc de Triomphe on day 1 and saw lots of beautiful people - both pretty girls and heartbreakingly handsome guys - dressed extremely chic (which gave me a bout of insecurities). Following days I visited a typical neighbourhood Farmer's Market where they sold extremely fresh homegrown fruits and vegetables, cheese, meat and everything in between (photos to follow!) and then it was a first venture into being paparazzi for Paris' Men's Fashion Week. I covered the guests at Songzio and Rynshu shows.

The view from my apartment's window
Typical Parisienne street
Peonies on sale at a local flower market
At the gate of La Maison des Metallos where the shows took place
Seriously - you know you've entered the world of fashion when you see people dressed not just chic but mindblowingly good. The moment I was within a 50m radius of La Maison des Metallos where the Songzio and Rynshu show were held, I knew. First guy I saw was the bald guy wearing a long billowy white shirtdress and carrying a neon pink Cambridge Satchel bag and I was like Whoa! Isn't that the guy that Bryanboy took a photo of and posted on twitter? And then you see all these people talking in english loudly, then next you see the models.

Models had their hair dipped in yellow for Songzio's show

Guy holding the Rynshu show invite
Colorful tote bag
Amazing graphic tote and neon yellow framed shades
DIY alert!!

Metallic Clutch





Club kid. I love her overall look and braids.


Ponyhair clutch, double collars, extremely loose fitted tanks and even hairstyles get the fashion treatment

Japanese woman in full kimono getup

There's nothing that I hate about this city (save for some of the immigrants from Albania and Africa etc that are pickpockets or troublemakers). Paris is so full of culture and everyone is so well informed on taste in general that even the smallest bakeries or even butcher shops are decorated nicely with good wall displays and small rustic figurines. The Paris street is filled with short little apartments that were built ages ago but so well-preserved and rustic. The people are all dressed extremely chic - even old ladies and old men, some on wheelchairs - are dressed very well. The Paris women is unafraid to mix up bold colors, and if they feel lazy, they'll just wear a shirt dress or a denim dress, accessorized with a pair of shades, a good handbag and beaded sandals or espardrilles. I swear even the advertisement posters in the metro stations and on the streets look extremely artistic and half of the time they're publicizing yet another music, dance, art or cultural event.

Move over New York - I need to live in Paris now. I shall marry a Parisienne and have super cute kids.

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