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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Editor's Market

Rather warehouse like minimal display
Different prices based on the number of items you purchase!
You'd save so much more when you shop more (:
The Editor's Market just opened a new branch at Orchard Central and I must say I can't be happier. Despite me not being afford most of the clothes in there -not in another 4 years anyway- most of the clothes and accessories stocked are in the same price point as high street chains such as Topshop and Zara, or even cheaper. But the cool concept at The Editor's Market is that the more you buy, the lower the price of each item goes. I believe that it is the first local multi-label boutique to pioneer this concept.

'Hole in the wall' concept for accessories display
Shoes from local label Shito

Before I go into the large variety of labels that they stock, let me first rave about their visual merchanidising. The store space seems to be modeled after a large warehouse with walls acting as space separators, neatly categorizing each segment into a mini-store. Its store within a store concept is kept cohesive with an overall theme unifying the clothes in each mini-store. I also especially love the 'hole-in-the-wall' displays of bags and shoes - the brightly coloured chic soles stand out in each of their small cubicles, making it easy for the shopper to notice.

Hippie chic section
Avant Garde section
Girly Boho section
Look at that polka dot raincoat at the back!
Stripes & bold colours perfect for the season
Amazing prints, mostly from US label Motel Rocks
Vintage treasure chest!
Vintage Bags

The clothes are not arranged by labels as per some multi-label boutiques, but by theme, making it exciting to browse through the racks to pick up new labels which I was previously not acquainted with. I gave the names to each of the different racks that I visited - I love that I can easily pick up clothes belonging to different camps such as those with more interesting cuts and shapes for an avant garde, edgy look; I can also layer several of the thin cotton printed tank tops to create a boho chic look.
 Its awesome vintage section (housed within its own mini space) is interlaced with new labels as well, but yet those newer clothes look right at home with their vintage cousins which generally featured louder prints but more conservative cuts. I especially love the vintage bags and accessories selection - the leather bags all look authentically vintage and come in a riot of colours from the traditional brown to reds, greens and even blues. There is also a wide selection of vintage scarves, bowties, sunglasses and jewelry.
The menswear department at The Editor's Market offers guys with more than the option of quirky graphic tees, but also lightweight shirts, capri pants and even wrap jackets. I especially like the visual display of shirts hung on a cement wall, with its paired bottom draped on the chair, and also the electric blue metal sheets and stack of bricks on the floor that gave off a manly New York construction worker. 

This quirky new store with lots of attitude definitely gives highstreet giants a run for its money and is especially helpful if you want to spend your dollars on something that is more original and individual. I personally always welcome locally-owned multi-label boutiques as I feel that they educate Singaporeans to be less label conscious but instead be more daring to mix high end designer brands with high street or indie designer labels. 


  1. i LOVE this store! I was ecstatic when I heard they were opening the new branch. The prices are a little higher than the original store but it seems like the quality is better as well


  2. Omg hello Vera, I love your blog!! Didn't know you were so crazy about fashion. Thought I was the only one who'd buy fashion magazines! We should totally go shop soon haha.

    Cheryl L from rag here. The shorter one! Hahaha.

  3. is the editor's market a Singapore brand?

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