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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stylescape On FOUR

Tangs recently converted the entire floor space of Level 4 to stock amazing labels such as the hippy toy camera brand Lomography, DC Comics, local label sifr, Converse, Dr. Martens and even home & lifestyle products! I must say it's a bold move for a departmental store that normally stocks conversative labels where our mothers patronize, to completely do a makeover to attract younger shoppers.

Gorgeous visual merchandising!
I didn't even know they sell Dr Martens with heels. 
Lomo heaven

DC Comics

I like the concept of Stylescape on 4 being a space for different labels to be exposed to the Singaporean market, instead of always stocking the same old brands that we see replicated 100 times in all the departmental stores along Orchard Road. It is worth noting that Stylescape has an elongated space to organize fringe events as well, such as mini fashion shows, film screenings and workshops. Perhaps this new concept will provide us with a brand new shopping experience in which the customer will develop a loyal relationship with the shop, as they now feel that they are part of a community. In short, this is actually a pretty clever marketing strategy since Tangs Stylescape on Four (being part of a big departmental store) will now possess the same things a small indie store like A Curious Teepee represents.

Superman! In boots!
Superwoman in red tartan print wellies from Dr Martens!

A mini fashion show featuring all your favourite superheroes was staged too, with clothes by DC Comics. I like the way they styled some of the Dr Martens into those somewhat cheesy costumes of Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Hulk & Catwoman etc. Those Dr Martens really gave an interesting twist to the whole outfit.

Be sure to check out this cool new kid on the block the next time you're down at Orchard Road - Singapore can really do with more interesting retail spaces such as these to spice up the range of labels which we are currently exposed to. Not to mention chances for free movies. We all like free things after all.

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