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Monday, April 18, 2011

Fashion Season Orchard Runway

Runway comes out to play with the longest outdoors runway along Orchard Road this time at Fashion Season at Orchard, an adaption of Anna Wintour's famous Fashion's Night Out in New York. The outdoors runway attracted huge crowds along its entire stretch and despite the designs being mainly commercial and a show to get people to buy rather than appreciate fashion, I thought it was fairly well executed. At least Singaporeans now get a glimpse of such fashion runways! I mean, how many Singaporeans have sat through a runway show in their lives?

I was one of the seated guests at FSO, but half of the time I was squatting, standing and fighting with the professional photographers with their gargantuan cameras to get a good photo. BUT I was also lucky enough to gain backstage access to FSO, thanks to Andre Neo of Jay Gee! It's true when they say backstage is chaotic, noisy and all over the place. The effect's especially amplified with 150 models walking in FSO. There were models from all over the world, speaking in all languages - Brazilian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, was amazing (but also a bit intimidating) to be in the same room with so many tall, skinny, effortlessly beautiful people.

Me registering. Too bad the photographer didn't capture my full outfit >:
The runway that extends along Orchard Road
Sexy Brazilian guy!
Boxes and boxes of makeup
Taking out the curls for alldressedup! So cute :3
All done now!

It's not easy being a model though. They were up since the morning for hair and makeup, not to mention rehearsals before the show which started at around 830PM.

Wang Qian Qian - 1.82m tall beauty from Beijing! :D
Love the hair and makeup for New Look.
Punk-rock makeup for Levi's
Singaporean models for New Look
The 2 girls from Supermodelme!
Big hair seen for alldressedup
Ms Gorgeous from Georgia! She was super sweet talking to me.
Left: Face of Shanghai Tang, walked in MFW
Victorian theatrical styling at TM Levin's
The shortlisted models for Asian Model Search were all there to strut their stuff for the judges to see as well. And I was pleasantly surprised to see my darling hot guy - Johnny Yang Junze (he walked for Club 21b fashion showcase and also MFW) - amongst the competing models as well! He recognized me snapping away as we've previously talked before during MFW and he gave me that smile! Gosh I almost squealed on the spot. Damn it it's unfair how some people are so so good looking till they attract others like magnets.

Hello my dear! <3 

Out of the 8 labels showing, I enjoyed New Look and alldressedup the most. New Look's newest collection really surprised me for it had so many thing that I wanted this spring - like that lace high slit maxi dress, 70s wideleg jumpsuit, asymmetrical lace tunic...with the side braid and orange lips, the models were channeling boho chic all the way. Alldressedup's gorgeous strappy heels with ruffled organza flowers, big hair and print dresses were reminiscent of the 70s era as well. Worth mentioning was the styling done at TM Levin's - the serious corporate attire was styled with chains of cascading pearl necklaces, veiled hats, pocketwatch inject a playful 60s vibe into officewear. This is how fashion should be done - loud, in-your-face, exclusive but yet inclusive at the same time.

Look out for Singapore's official participation in Fashion's Night Out International - thanks to Dr. Frank Cintamani flying to New York to specially meet Anna Wintour to discuss about it!

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