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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cos I partied till 4, got wasted at 6, woke at 12 and I'll do it again.

Happy New Year everyoneeeeeeeeeeee!
I know that this year will be BETTER. I feel so jubilant that I can finally say this with 100% confidence, after last year's shit. Ahhh I still recall last year as if it were yesterday.

Yesterday night (last year! I still can't quite grasp the idea of it) me and my friend originally planned to go to The Butter Factory to party so that we can catch the fireworks as well at Marina Bay Sands. But because Butter was fully booked, we had no choice but to walk to Clarke Quay. After much squeezing through throngs of people and wandering around aimlessly, we finally found Attica. $35 cover charge with one drink and endless hours of dancing. The music was blaring and infectious, the DJ was spinning all my favourite dance tunes, I had my first glass of vodka mixed with coke and it was surprisingly good.

There's something curious about dancing in a mass of people, losing yourself in the music, and having laser and strobe lights flash around you. The lights seemed to segment everybody into pieces, and it was just me and my body. It was ironic that in such chaos, my mind was finally quiet and disentangled from my body. My thoughts no longer influenced my feelings and there was no nagging feeling telling me that I'm doing something wrong or unacceptable. Of course, I was subconscious of my surroundings too. Groper 1 tried to put his arms around my waist. Groper 2 reached out and touched my face. Then there were some people that were grinding their bodies into mine, and some guys trying to get my attention by singing the music and kept looking at me. Hmm but even though it felt uncomfortable somehow, the sexual tension seemed kind of fun. (Please don't judge me.)

What I'm reading now at the moment:
2010: A Year in Fashion
2010: A Year in Photos
A Year in Fashion by Tommy Ton (Partie Deux)
A Summary of Outfits by Fashionsquad
Daphne Guinness: Fashion's Wild Child

To me Daphne Guinness is similar to the new Anna (Anna Dello Russo) - their passion for couture reflected in their huge collection of clothes, the distinct way they dress, how they seem to use clothes to express their mood, their life and the ephemeral nature of fashion and how they both take dressing so seriously.

And here's a photo just for fun!

My first meal of 2011: Chinese dumplings! The ones pictured here are raw ones, ready to be boiled. No matter how many times I've eaten this, I'll never ever get sick of the juicy and soft meat and vegetable filling, wrapped by a chewy outer skin of dough. Yum yum.


  1. I had chinese dumplings a couple days ago for christmas dinner! They are soo yummmy.
    And I looove your dress!
    Happy New year!
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  2. @Natalie Liao

    Haha did you make your own dumplings too? I only eat handmade ones at home!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Yes, I made them with my family :)
    I only eat homemade ones as well!
    and thank you for your sweet comment!
    My lip print just came out like that.

    xx natalie

  4. @Natalie Liao

    Ooh cool! So you're from China too? I was born in Beijing (:

    Anw I like the way you dressed up your sweatpants with those leopard print booties!

  5. SUCH cool style! LOVE your blog!

  6. Looks like you had a great New Years! And I can never get tired of dumplings either, ahh I'm craving some now!

  7. @ANN

    Hi Ann, thanks for dropping by my blog :)

    Yup I <3 dumplings! Happy New Year!



    haha clubbing is imo really fun as long as you're with the right company! like seriously you totally just let loose and you don't have to think about anything at all! maybe it's being escapist to a certain extent but well that's what let loose and having fun's all about (: haha and it's especially fun when you have guy friends who form a ring and the girls party in the centre! they block out all the gropers/people there to fish (: glad to see that you had fun!! if people grind you from the back just move away!!! they'll get the drift :/ DIDN'T JIREH PROTECT YOU LOLOLOL HAHAHAHAHAHA

    ohoh anyway guen hereee<3 (:

  9. @orangechemical

    Hehehe I know you're guen just from looking at how you type! :D

    Ehh tell me - is australian clubs much more rowdy and fun? Ok you can't really make that comparison since you've never been to ones here in sg, but will guys try to get close to girls to get their attention?

    Yeah I agree with you saying that it's escapist! It's quite stress relieving to be honest, and it's a great workout as well! Yeah he did! Esp from banglahs. ><

  10. hahahaha uhm guys wise it's generally the same (: most guys go to clubs to try and pick girls up so yeaa generally all guys are the same ahhahaha they'll try to attract your attention and all! in melbie the usual indicator is that they'll grind you? if they grind you it means they're interested in you, so for girls there to look for guys if they think he's good looking then they'll just turn and dance with him haha it's like superficial fun for most i guess :/ but i think grinding from the back is a universal thing O: i always find it disturbing tho >< well melbourne is well known for its clubbing culture i guess it's probably more fun? aha i want to see how it's like in singapore tho, just so i can compare (:

    haha but yes it is stress relieving, hahahaha drink a few shots, get high, party, and forget about all your troubles when the alcohol's still working haha

    and yes that's good he is good company (Y)

  11. @orangechemical

    Hahaha that's so interesting! Very interested to go to melbourne and club now hahaha. I think guys here just try to get closer to you, or they'll keep trying to make eye contact, or they'll sing the songs the DJ's playing loud to get your attention etc. But if you're not interested, they'll get it pretty fast haha.

    Oh but you said you're coming back on 22jan? I just realised that time I'll be back in china >:

  12. In love with your dress.
    Happy new year (:

  13. @Willa

    Thank you! It's just a velvet dress from F21. It's got this cute cutout back with ribbons at the back (:


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