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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nook&Cranny #1: Woodwould

Nook&Cranny would be a series which I'll be doing by spontaneously featuring interesting and unconventional shops in Singapore. By that, I'm referring to shops that do not do mass production of their products, have quirky and characteristic shop deco and interesting products. I'll be featuring all shops from stationery to apparel to lomography camera shops etc. Anything under the sun as long as it's interesting and worth checking out!

The first shop I'll be featuring is .woodwould.. (that's their actual shop name, complete with the dots and all). Nested in Mandarin Gallery, it's not exactly out of the way as it's along the Orchard Road, but Mandarin Gallery is full of individual boutiques and usually rather empty (: Which is a good thing! Who would want to jostle among throngs of people to shop?

Outside the shop, peering in through its window
The doors to fantasyland!

Even the shop front of woodwould sets it apart from its neighbours. There's two little wood swing doors at the entrance, and you'd see a vintage looking shiny red bicycle at the front! The lighting is especially cool, it's made up of a lightbulb in a white birdcage, with straw cascading down the cage.

Cath Kidson stationery
Big postcard selection - full of quirky cards that are funny and original.
Hallmark can burn in hell!
Topmost shelf are all vintage bedtime storybooks.
This shop stocks all kinds of quirky imported stationery, including schedulers, cards, photo albums, stamp sets, wood toy pencils...and the list goes on! They even have crockery such as porcelain tea sets! Amazinggg shop decoration featuring vintage wood cabinets, complete with drawers which you can open and look for what you need. The feeling is like being an old school candy store, you never know what you might unearth when you open one of its wood drawers. woodwould prides itself on being at the forefront of "stationery revolution", and so you can find high quality paper products with unexpected designs. For example, one of its cards offers a heart shaped charm for the receiver to scratch off the silver foil on the card to reveal a message. Now that's something you definitely cannot achieve by sending an e-card. I've always felt that the hard copy of a Christmas card, or any card for that matter, conveys one's sincerity across better, cos it requires one to think up of a genuine message and write it by hand, and then buy a stamp before posting it. Now, if someone goes through all that trouble for should feel extremely loved <3
(which reminds me - I've yet to post out my Christmas cards! Damn I'm going to be late ): )

woodwould has 2 outlets:

  1. #03-03 The Cathay, 2 Handy Road
  2. #03-24 Mandarin Gallery

Prices range from a few dollars for a wood toy pencil or card, to around $16 and above for a notebook or a diary. Other products such as photo albums and intricately designed travel journals can go up to >$50.

Great for those people who have yet to complete their Christmas shopping!


  1. aaaaaaa looks like a great place to spend free time! x

  2. loving your blog as always, i'll be back for sure!
    a merry christmas and happy holidays to you!!
    come visit COSMICaroline for some holiday cheer!


  3. @Laura HarrisHi Laura! Thanks for visiting! Yup that shop is amazing!

    I've unearthed more great stay tuned (:

  4. oh good to see Singaporean blogger.
    l m living in here also.
    lets share our fashion blog.

  5. @YONi In Style

    Hi YONi, thanks for visiting! (: Am glad that you like my blog, I'm checking yours out too after I finish typing this comment. Hehe.


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