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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Curiosity fed the Cat

Ok so this thursday I was at the launch party of A Curious Teepee and I met lots of amazing people from the fashion industry thanks to my dear Bobo. (Hey dear, we should have a photo together! Wear something nice to Valentino's)

When I had arrived, the party was in full swing. Here's the cafe - they serve a really mean espresso, and at a reasonable price too!
Half of the apparel section. 
Hi Polly!
Ms Kitty Kat
Mr Squirrel
Mr Rabbit and his Toadstool

Quirky lifestyle products
The jewellry in the glass box above

What struck me was the amazing product display and store design. Brownie Points 1: Lots of cute animal lights! There was Mr Gummy Bear, Mr Squirrel, Ms Kitty Kat, Mr White Rabbit and a real Polly the Parrot. The parrot's name isn't really Polly but this one really does suits the name with its plump squat body and pink feathers. Brownie Points 2: A lot of the items were displayed under glass bell jars, which immediately elevates the cool factor and make the stuff seem so vulnerable and delicate. Brownie Points 3: A trishaw bicycle for Sunday label's tee shirts, complete with a teal helium balloon! Brownie Points 4: A teepee for all the amazing T's, it looked great with geometric wood triangle design theme of the whole store!

A Curious Teepee stocks local labels (support local!) Vice & Vanity's jewellry, Mae Pang by Pang Ai Mei  and Sunday, as well as many internationally sourced goodies that were carefully selected for their quirky coolness. (A big lake printed on a bedsheet? Instant love!) They also have a good mix of lifestyle products such as plates, bedsheets, amazing lights, to fashion which includes socks, shoes, clothes and bags. Stuff worth mentioning are the ever adorable Happy Socks, 3D sketch pad complete with 3D glasses, Nose shaped sharpener, cage rings, Gummy Bear  plug-in lights and Mae Pang's amazing bags and apparel. I love what she does with netting and the mixing of sheer fabrics into jersey cotton. Comfort and chic at its best. I'm going there to splurge when my pockets feel heavier and fatter!

Here's Tracy Phillips and Yvan Rodic (credit A Curious Teepee)
But the best thing of all were the amazing fashion crowd that was there. I met the amazing Tracy Phillips, former marketing manager of Zouk. She wore a pink dress with strong shoulders, and this amazing cage ring. I was too happy to be talking to her, and too timid to ask for a photo. I also met Yvan Rodic, the well-traveled photographer behind Facehunter, who was there for the book-signing. Again, I was too timid to ask for a proper photo. (I'm not gonna post the photo I took of Mr Rodic here, it's such low quality!) I also saw Bobby, owner of The Butter Factory, made friends with Sara from Razor TV, and also happily talked to Viona Wang and Hanna. Hanna had on this amazing outfit reminiscing of Alexander Wang's S/S09 American culture. It's genius how she paired that leather corset with just a plain what tee, and another pair of leather pants. Finished off with thigh highs and converse sneakers (:

Here's Hanna!
Here's me and Hanna together! (credit A Curious Teepee)
Mae Pang designs
It was a major learning experience talking with Viona, cos she's studying Economics at NTU now, but yet dabbing in fashion as a contributing writer for, and a street style photographer for HerWorld! She told me about how she realised that fashion was her passion in the midst of studying econs, and wants to pursue fashion as a career in the future (go girl!) I also talked with a girl that just graduated from Lasalle fashion communications and is now interning as a public relations assistant at Dior. She said she gets to go a lot of launch parties as it's part of her job. I also learnt from Pang Ai Mei about her label, Mae Pang. This girl does the designing, producing, merchandising and distribution of her clothes all on her own; the clothes are all produced locally as well. She was part of the group chosen to have her own store at Parco, and she told me that customers appreciate that she gives the personal touch to her clothes by interacting with them at her store. I could tell she was really very passionate about building and expanding her label that she doesn't mind all the work involved in the process. So inspiring. I can't help but feel jealous of such people - people who have found their calling and are able to make a living doing what they enjoy. Yup, mainly I was too busy talking to all these amazing people to bother taking photos of Yvan Rodic himself. (I'm sorry Mr Rodic!)
I think I still have a lot to learn about the industry; looking forward to the next fashion event!

More photographs of the event here.
You can visit A Curious Teepee at 2 Orchard Link #02-24, Scape, open 12-9pm daily, serving great coffee and tea, with humongous gooey chocolate cakes and other goodies. Just go to Cineleisure, and scape will be straight ahead. Walk up a small slope to McDonald's and you'll see this:

Credit ACT

(PS Thank you Tracy for throwing such a great party complete with great food, fantastic music (the DJ was Has!) and amazing crowd. I really enjoyed nibbling on shrimp sandwiches, berry parfait, fruit popsicles, mini dainty ice cream cones, and that shrimp-in-a-cracker thingy that I really liked.)
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